Recently, there have been some problems with your orders. Your late shipment rate is higher than the goal of less than 4%. As a result, you currently may not sell on Funds will not be transferred to you but will stay in your account while we work with you to address this issue. If you have any open orders, please ship them.

To sell on, please send us a plan that explains how you will address this problem. For help creating your plan, search for Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges in Seller Central Help. When you are ready to send us your plan, click the Appeal button next to this message on the Performance Notifications page in Seller Central (
Amazon.comで販売するため、あなたがこの問題を解決するための具体的なプランを送って下さい。あなたの改善計画を作成するためのヘルプについては、管理画面のヘルプ内で「Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges」を検索して下さい。あなたの改善計画を送信する準備ができたら、管理画面のPerformance Notificationsの次のAppeal ボタンを押して送信して下さい。

Once we receive your plan, we will review it and decide whether you may sell on again. If you do not send an acceptable plan within 17 days, we may cancel your listings and hold any funds in your account for up to 90 days.

You can see your customer satisfaction rates on the Account Health page in the Performance section of Seller Central ( Looking at your late shipments may help you learn how to improve your service.

To talk to someone about this email, you can ask our Seller Support team to contact you (